ROMANCE (2012)

1. Ojos Que Se Abren Brillantes
2. Arbolitos
3. Manifestación
4. Piringundin de Almagro
5. En Contacto Permanente
6. Preludio 4
7. Luz Del Primer Día
8. En La Tierra Sagrada
9. Criaturas de la Noche
10. Cancha de Bochas
11. Until the Dawn

Fernando Otero, piano, melodica
Nicholas Danielson, violin
Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin, viola
Adam Fisher, violoncello
Pablo Aslan, bass
Ivan Barenboim, clarinet- bass clarinet
Josefina Scaglione, vocals
Kristin Norderval, vocals
Dana Hanchard ,vocals

Recording/Mixing by Joe Marciano at Systems Two Studios , New York City
Recorded June 20/21 , 2012
All Compositions by Fernando Otero

A word from the artist

The work of Grammy-winning Argentine composer and pianist Fernando Otero often blurs the line between popular and classical music. Romance, his debut in Soundbrush Records, is unabashedly 21st Century chamber music.

This collection of short original compositions, rich in detail but still sized for the Twitter age, draws from traditional elements of Argentine folk music and tango but remains decidedly cosmopolitan. It’s music meticulously constructed that, at times, suggests the deceptive freedom and casualness of a jazz improvisation. It’s also a recording that brings back familiar colors in Otero’s palette — violin, viola, cello and clarinet — but also something new, voices, as much a glance back to his personal history, growing up the son of an international lyric singer, as an artistic choice.

Dramatic and playful, complex but also deeply heartfelt, this Romance, “is not about boy-meets-girl,” says Otero, “but the idea of searching in the depths of beauty.”

“Mr. Otero hails from Argentina, where romance has often been cast as a kinetic pursuit. The expressive drama of tango generally animates his compositions, which also involve aspects of classical chamber music and jazz improvisation.” Nate Chinen, NY Times

“An eclectic chamber sensibility in an oeuvre where the idioms of Latin American, jazz, and European classical musics intertwine.” Roots World
“Otero is a seriously talented pianist, and his orchestrations are equal parts Bernard Herrmann and Charlie Parker. That is, they alternate between jagged suspenseful crescendos and long sinuous melodies. This music bounds out of the speakers and leaps into every corner of the room at once, exhilarating but also bewildering.” JAZZIZ



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